Bored and tired of tedious posting tasks? Social media automation tools are here to make your life simpler. If you want to earn your followers’ trust and improve your online presence, social media automation tools will also help grow your consistency muscles. And free up some time for fun creative projects.

Here are our top five social media automation tools:

1. Buffer 

Great for team working, handy for creating social media marketing campaigns. Buffer is easy to use, enables users to set social media posts across up to 25 social accounts (top-level subscription). It comes with a free membership that allows to link three social account and ten posts. It works with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Hootsuite

Great for managing scheduled posts as well as coming up with content ideas. Hootsuite content library helps organise your content; you can create a social media stream with useful hashtags and keywords for instant share. And the Hootlet extension allows for instant posting and sharing content you find online.

3. Later

Absolutely, a must-have for scheduling your Instagram and Facebook posts. It’s easy to use, full of handy tips on how to polish your posts and improve audience engagement. Later has inbuilt analytics tool and comes with 30 free posts a month.


Connect your social media platforms, tools and applications to let them be in constant conversation with one another. IFTTT allows reusing the same content on different platforms by creating chain reactions from one interface to the next. Without the need of logging into them individually.

5. TweetDeck

If Twitter is your jam, then TweetDeck is probably the best social management platform for you! It allows to use custom timelines, create and manage Twitter lists and searches, and add team accounts.

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. – Stephen Covey

There is a huge number of automation tools to choose from. These are the ones we like the most. Let us know which ones you prefer and why? 

The most important question is – What do you do with these tools? 

Just consistent posting will not be enough to give you a large following on social media or turn your followers into customers.  

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