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Whether you run a financial consultancy or a car garage, there’s no denying in the power of social media. It can give your business a personal touch and to ‘be real’ when engaging directly with existing clients and prospects.

If you’re thinking of adding social media to your mix, our friendly team offers services designed for busy entrepreneurs, who don’t have time to manage their social media account or need help with their marketing strategy.  

what we do

Social Media Management

Social media platforms are ideal for keeping the conversation going with your audience. We can help create timely, efficient, and meaningful communication targeted at your potential and existing customers.

From sharing important company updates, responding to your clients’ queries or comments, we can showcase your brand’s personality. And help you build trust with your audience.


Content Creation & Copywriting

Once your website is up and running, it needs regular fresh content to keep it visible in search engine searches. One way of keeping the content updated is by having a blog.

We can help create engaging content tailored to your specific audience.
Whether it’s a copy, images or videos for your website, advert or social media accounts, Two Dashes can create or source compelling materials ensuring that the tone and message are consistent with your brand.


Project Management

If you have a great content idea, but your social media skills are a bit rusty. Or you feel that your brand needs a little face-lift, but you don’t know where to start or don’t have the time. We will happily step in.

We offer a hands-on approach to see the project through.  

SEO Strategy

Is your content being viewed by the right audience? Can you find your website on Google?

Our bespoke SEO strategies can optimise your website ranking for SEO and conversions.  Just creating content for the keywords your customers are searching will not do.

Two Dashes will examine your industry, discover what’s relevant to your audience and then develop the SEO strategy that puts the right content in front of your audience.


What is the perception of your brand? How can you market your product? Social media research can help businesses in many ways.

From brand reputation management, competitive benchmarking, to enhancing customer experience, and breaking into new demographics. Social listening and audience intelligence can support your growth through understanding the trends and conversations within your business category.


Offline Marketing

Offline and online marketing work very well together. We don’t live in the digital world, 24/7, after all.

Effective offline branding marketing you can direct audiences to your website. Two Dashes can offer product package design, brochures and publications design to branding.

By combining both offline and online strategies, you can bring your marketing full circle.

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