Is Valentine’s Day overrated? Perhaps, to some. But seeing how my son’s face lights up when he brings me a bunch of tulips and a handmade card – it’s priceless.

The desire to celebrate anything is even stronger as we finally come out from what feels like an eternity of self-isolation. And with many local businesses offering special deals to mark the occasion, it’s become easy to show your support (even if you have spent your money elsewhere or if it is NOT February 14).

 #1 Follow your favourite SME brand on social media

Many local businesses found themselves dipping into the social media waters amid the pandemic. As more potential customers spend their days online, it has become an even more perfect place for small businesses to thrive. 

Following small businesses on social media allows them to reach more potential clients and ultimately make a sale. Which easily translates into putting money back into the community and building a robust local economy. 

#2 Engage with their content

Small businesses need social media engagement to thrive. Likes, comments and shares have become social currency. Your activity on their social channels helps local businesses raise their online visibility, build trust and be a part of their online community. So, if there is a local brand that you love and their content resonates with you – let them know.

#3 Write a review on their page

Have you bought something and loved it? – Write a positive review. 

Have they met or surpassed your expectations with the quality of their product/service or customer service? What about the value you got out of the purchase? Or packaging and swiftness of delivery? It will give the small business feedback on their efforts and help them build social media credibility. After all, we trust customers more than what business brands tell us.

 #4 Sign up for their newsletter

Especially if you love your local brand’s values, products or service, it is a perfect way of showing your sentiment, even if you have spent your money elsewhere. 

 #5 Recommend to friends and family

Word of mouth has always been crucial for small business survival. It is likely to become the most important marketing channel over the next few years, especially when it comes to e-commerce. Some of our clients operate on this basis with huge success.

Shoutouts, reviews, and recommendations to friends and family bring organic traffic and engagement and encourage a reciprocal activity within the online community. And you don’t need to be an influencer to do so!

 #6 Make conscious choices when shopping

For many of us, it is unrealistic to ditch big brands. But, there might be items in your shopping basket (both online and offline) that perhaps could be swapped with locally made products. From bakeries to butchers or bookshops, to name a few, local businesses can often offer a much better experience. 

So, before you start researching big brands, check your local shops and providers for counter offers and spread some love.

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