Congratulations! We’ve made it. To say that 2020 turned out different than most of us expected is a huge understatement. After January, February and March we had 2 Aprils, 3 Mays and who knows what happened to October?? But, here we are. At the end of a very unusual leap year.

It might not have been the year of your life, you might have to pivot your career or business, or on the other hand, you’ve seen your company grow. In both cases, congratulate yourself. This year has been challenging for all of us. But we’ve made it.⁠ And although we all had plans and projects disrupted, delayed, or completely torn apart, we are looking towards 2021 with hope and expectations. So, how can we turn them into reality in the coming year?

Taking stock of 2020.

Resilience is not about overcoming but becoming. – Sherri Mandell

Undoubtedly, it was a year full of lessons on leadership, kindness and agility. For us, it was all about strengthening relationships, collaboration and practising a stoic mindset.

🥂Did anything good that’s happened this year. ⁠

🥂What are the accomplishments you proud of? ⁠

🥂Did you try any new things this year?⁠

Congratulations. You’ve achieved more than you think. ⁠

Start planning now

Clarity comes from action not thought. – Marie Forleo

Whatever ideas or dreams you have for 2021, start them as soon as possible. Try to use the momentum between the post-Christmas release and the first week of January to carry you on into the next year.

Need help with finding out your priorities for 2021? The little exercise below will help you gain clarity. It will also provide a clear map of the most significant projects and activities to accomplish during each month of 2021.

#Create your Top Ten list

Brainstorm all the things you want to accomplish this year. The list will include both personal and professional goals. Then choose the top ten items that are non-negotiable and must be achieved, remember to be as specific as possible.

#Prepare your action plan

Now, review your Top Ten list and transfer items into each month. What might help is start by adding things you know will take place in a particular month, for example (hopefully) holidays, online conferences, training or paying tax (hello January)! It’s worth reviewing your Top Ten List to include one main item to each month. Consider projects and tasks from personal life goals (family time), business continuation and growth planning perspective.

#Look for the main goal

Again, go back to your Top Ten list. Is there a theme? What is the main goal you want to achieve this year?

Hopefully, by the end of this exercise, you will end up with a clear plan of action for a great year ahead.

And as we get ready for the New Year, let’s not forget to celebrate little things in life. We wish you a healthier, calmer and kinder 2021!