Content Marketing Guide for Beginners

Content is King. It can come in many shapes and forms: from blog posts, social media posts, email campaigns. Every time you share information with the audience, you share precisely that, content. It plays an integral part in shaping up your business. Please see our mini guide to creating successful marketing content.

1.      Get to know your audience

Your content will be more successful if it’s created with your audience in mind. It usually requires putting a researcher’s hat on to investigate anything from your existing client base to your competitors marketing activities and strategy.

When creating a buyer persona of your target audience, consider their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Lifestyle
  • Goals
  • Challenges

Whenever you are working on the new content, it’s worth referring back to the buyer persona document. It will allow you to create a personal message that will be much more warmly received by your audience.

2.      Stay relevant

When creating your content, make sure that it is relevant to your products or services. Yes, it should be exciting and inspiring, but above all, it should showcase your expertise in a given field.  When writing blogs or social media posts, make sure they relate to you, your services or products.

3.      Use CTA (but don’t be too promotional)

When pushing out your content on social media, always include a clear call to action. It might be as simple as “visit our website” button, an email address, phone number, or link to a contact form. Perhaps a reminder of services or product your company is offering that your audience might be interested in. But remember, above all, your goal is to contribute, provide value, and share your insights.

4.      Produce high-quality content

Find a topic that is close to your heart and start sharing your thoughts.  What change for better would you like to influence? If you feel a bit overwhelmed, start small. Instead of writing a blog, find and share other contributor’s interesting content with your personal comment on social media platforms.

5.      Engage with your audience

Don’t forget to review your social media profiles. Make sure your profile picture, tag line, contact details are there. Then dive in, join some online groups on, e.g. LinkedIn and engage with your followers.

By using relevant hashtags and strategically following other accounts in your industry and from your target audience, you will strengthen your brand over time.

6.      Invest in SEO to get noticed

It’s not possible to build a readership if your audience doesn’t know who you are.  In order to rise in search rankings, your content will need to be seen by search engines. Before producing new content, research your keywords and meta descriptions.

Think about creating compelling headlines and well-scripted text with outbound and internal links. It will all have an impact on whether you appear on page 1 of search results.

Growing your audience will take time. If you can get all this working yourself, congratulations, you’ll be off to a great start! However, if you need a helping hand, please get in touch, and we will be happy to assist.